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2D & 3D Geometry Package

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Item Description :

1- Two Dimensional Geometry Package :

  • Calculates ordinates for the following :
    • NACA symm/cambered one series
    • NACA symm/cambered four series with standard/modified thickness
    • NACA five series with standard/modified thickness
    • NACA reflexed five series with standard/modified thickness
    • NACA symm/cambered six series with standard/modified mean line
    • Joukowski airfoils
    • Von-Karman Trefftz airfoils
    • Variable axis elliptical sections
    • Built-in library of 1490 different airfoil
  • Automatic paneling with four different schemes
    • Uniform spacing
    • Full cosine
    • Half cosine
    • Half sine
  • Ability to invert any airfoil up-side-down
  • Option to write a geometry file

2- Three Dimensional Geometry Package :

  • The 3D Geometry Package calculates ordinates for any number of non lifting bodies using the following methods :
  • Frame by frame method
  • Rotate two different parametric numeric or symbolic curves in space to generate a body of revolution . Two curves to generate the upper and lower parts separately
  • Option to change any point on any frame at any body
  • The 3D Geometry Package reads symbolic equations and numeric numbers
  • No restriction for the number of panels nor the spacing scheme as the package curve fits and surface fits all the surfaces
  • The 3D Geometry Package uses the lofting method to construct lifting surfaces with any cross-section you want , with Any number of wings , any number of partitions for each wing
  • Each wing may have different twist pivot
  • Each partition on each wing may have different sweep pivot , sweep angle , twist and dihedral angles
  • Each partition may have any airfoil family on the same wing
  • Leading or trailing edge control surface for any partition at any wing
  • Ability to change any local axes in the main global axes
  • Different options for paneling location for lifting surfaces :
    • Around the actual surface
    • On the mean cambered surface
    • At the chord plane
  • Trailing vortices extend from each bound vortex :
    • To a distance downstream
    • To the panel trailing edge , then to a distance downstream
    • To the panel trailing edge then to the partition trailing edge , and finally to a distance downstream
  • Trailing vortices extension :
    • Parallel to the x-axis
    • Parallel to the free-stream
  • The package automatically calculates the Mean aerodynamic chord length and position with the center of gravity and inertia tensor for the complete model
  • Center of gravity location depends on area/ mass distribution
  • Option to export your model to :
    • Ansys 3d curves files .dat
    • Datcom+ input files .dcm
    • Matlab .m files
    • Matlab binary files .mat
    • Unigraphics spline files .dat
    • Virtual reality model file .wrl
    • VlAERO input file .vlp