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Airfoil Cascade Delaunay Triangulation

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Item Description :

  • Triangular grid generator for 2D surfaces
  • Reads geometry files describing the two dimensional surface
  • Built-in library of 1420 airfoil
  • Surface grid / Domain grid
  • Adjustable grid density
  • Angle of attack and triangular grid for :
    • Single airfoil
    • Single raw airfoil cascade
    • Double raw  airfoil cascade
  • Spline interpolation to curve-fit the cartesian coordinates to a constructive solid geometry model CSG
  • Decomposes the CSG model to minimal regions for delaunay triangulation meshing
  • Controls surface/s incidence , horizontal/vertical spacing for cascade
  • Outputs grid numbering and order
  • Less than two seconds to generate a dense grid about twelve 2d surfaces

Buyer gets a closed code , Source code is not for sale

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One month license for one machine

  • Matlab2016a pseudocode  .p file
  • Excutable .exe file