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SIM808 Module GPRS SMS Development Board IPX SMA With GSM GPS Antenna

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Item Description :

Make a call
Answer the phone
Send text format SMS
Send Chinese SMS
Receive SMS control LED light
GPRS_TCP program (dynamic IP)
GPRS_TCP program (domain name)
GPRS_UDP program (dynamic IP)
GPRS_UDP program (domain name)
GPRS transparent transmission mode program
Comprehensive functional demo program (STM32)
Comprehensive functional demo program (STC12)
Comprehensive functional demo program (STC15)
Bluetooth test program (PPS service, Bluetooth serial)
Bluetooth phone control LED light
GPS test program

Features :

Power supply: 5-26V
When the power supply is less than 9V, needs 2A DC
Another channel power supply port is 3.5-4.2V, suitable lithium battery
Computer debugging USB - TTL
1 channel TTL serial port, can switch GPS and GSM function
Can realize GPS positioning, messaging, data and other functions, the average standby at 80MA
Power consumption is about 10MA
With voice and microphone interface
Quad Band, globally available

Easy To Use :
Insert a SIM card
Insert the GPS antenna, GSM antenna, Bluetooth antenna (according to your own choice of applications to connect the antenna)
When using computer debugging, connect the USB-TTL module; when using SCM control, please connect to the microcontroller serial
Power on adapter
Long press (about 2 seconds) Start button
Ready to start debugging

Package Includes :

1 x SIM808 Module
1 x GSM antenna
1 x GPS antenna