Heat DiffusionŽ



Program Heat :

Solves The Partial Differential Heat Diffusion Equation By Means Of A Finite Difference Numerical Method

Program Abilities :

  1. The program uses the five points method to calculate the finite differential difference about each point in the grid due to the surrounding points
  1. For any two dimensional rectangular grids
  1. Any number of panels in X and Y directions , maximum number of 1600 panel
  1. The input temperature data can be constant or distributed along any boundary
  1. In case of distributed temperature , input a symbolic equation in the form :
    1. 100 * tan( 3 * disatnce ) * w
    2. sqrt( distance^( 5/3 ) ) * h
    • 6 * distance + 0.25
    where distance is any variable you want representing the station along x-axis or along y-axis , as the programs understands that w stands for the width and h stands for the height
  1. Special tool to plot heat diffusion contours and display the temperature labels and to control the color map and the color bar
  1. For help , type : help Heat

The program can be used without invoking the graphical interface as follows , type : Heat (width,height,Xpanels,Ypanels,Upper temp,Lower temp,Right temp,Left temp)

Symbolic temperature must have quotation marks like '3*w' , '5/h' , etc.



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