Program Stock :

Controls The Daily Stock Operations , Using The File Transfer Protocol @ftp Internet Service To Save And Load Stock Data Through A Secured @ftp Account

Specially Made For : Gabr Industrial & Petroleum Services GIS

Program Abilities :

Connecting All The Company Computers In All Egypt Through A secured Web Server , To Instantaneously Share All Data

Simple Stock Daily Processes

    1. Incoming parts
    2. Outgoing parts
    3. Add parts to transient for a certain customer
    4. Delete parts from transient
    5. Outgoing transient parts to a customer

For Each Part In The Stock , There Is :

  1. Part name
  2. Part number
  3. Location in the stock
  4. Total number of this part
  5. Part price
  6. Total price
  7. Number of transient parts
  8. Transient Parts Price

Stock Processes History :

  1. Serial number
  2. Date
  3. Part number under consideration
  4. From / To
  5. GIS file number
  6. Bill number
  7. Notes

Three Access Levels :

  1. Read Only users : read the total stock or the history of stock processes
  1. Data Entry users : perform daily stock processes and read stock history
  1. Administrator can make all the previous tasks in addition to :
    1. adding new parts or deleting parts
    2. modifying any data for existing parts
    3. delete stock history
    4. set passwords

Utilities :

  1. Input check function
  2. Printing out any data
  3. Scientific calculator added for external usage
  4. Using the mouse scroll wheel to resize the program window




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