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Super_Foil® is a single file , 3.3k lines of hard coded algorithm that solves the subsonic inviscid incompressible flow field , as well as , the supersonic compressible viscous flow field , about arbitrary two dimensional surfaces . Using six different analytical , numerical and computational mathematical methods

Geometry Modeling :

  • One series airfoils
  • Four series airfoils , standard and modified thickness
  • Five series airfoils , standard and modified thickness
  • Five series reflexed airfoils , standard and modified thickness
  • Six series airfoils , standard and modified mean lines
  • Joukowski airfoils
  • Von-Karman airfoils
  • Variable axes sections
  • Plus a saved library of 1420 different airfoil file
  • Four paneling schemes (normal distribution , full cosine spacing , half sine spacing , half cosine spacing )

Automatic Grid Generator :

  • Flat panels on the mean line
  • Flat panels on the complete outer surface
  • Unstructured triangular grid for the full domain
  • Structured elliptic partial differential grid for the full domain

Aerodynamic Solver :

  • Analytic Thin Airfoil Theory
  • Numerical Concentrated Lumped Vortex Panel Method
  • Numerical Surface Distribution Constant Source + Constant Vortex Panel Method
  • Numerical Surface Distribution Linear Vortex Panel Method
  • Numerical Integration of The Potential Flow Equation In Full Domain , Using 5'th Order Dormand-Prince Integrator On Triangular Grid
  • Supersonic , Compressible , Viscous Complete Navier-Stokes Equations , Using Time Marching Accurate MacCormack Finite Difference Method On Elliptic Grid

Outputs :

  • Surface and mean-line paneling geometry
  • Center of pressure location
  • Lift , drag , moment , heat , temperature , density , shear
  • Trangular grid with numbering , dimensions and order
  • Subsonic inviscid incompressible pressure and velocity fields
  • Elliptic partial differential grid
  • Supersonic viscous compressible flow :
    • Axial velocity
    • Normal velocity
    • Shear stress in xx
    • Shear stress in yy
    • Shear stress in xy
    • Heat flux x-component
    • Heat flux y-component
    • Dynamic viscosity
    • Normalized pressure
    • Mach number
    • Normalized velocity
    • Normalized temperature

Test case NACA 0006 at sealevel , mach five , 50k panels :

  • Grid time : 0.25028 seconds
  • Solver time : 4.803 minutes
  • Using Intel core i3 - 3.3 GHz processor , 16 GB of ram drive












Test case NACA 64008 at sealevel , Mach two to five , 65k elliptic panels




Dear Colleague :

  • Installing cad/cam package/s takes too much time and space , building the model itself takes too much time and efforts, preprocessing/post processing and the processing itself , all takes too much time and effort
  • Super_Foil® solves the Concentrated , Surface Distribution and the Full Domain Aerodynamics , using six different aerodynamic techniques , in subsonic incompressible inviscid flow field as well as supersonic compressible viscous fields. Takes less than 1 sec to generate model/automatic grid/solver and results , for supersonic regimes it takes less than five min to generate a dense grid and solve it !!

Super_Foil® License Is For One Year , For One Machine.




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